repair projects

from start to finish

Corvette C7 Stingray Z51 2015 2LT yellow

Before: Had a small damage, front bumper with bumper grill and other plastic air diffuser parts were damaged, also a very small leak on the water cooler radiator. The engine cradle (engine support) was broken. There was no other errors on the car, all systems perfectly working.

Repair: New ZR1 tuning front bumper from USA painted in professional workshop. Engine support and other plastic parts from front side and water cooler were replaced with identic parts from other used dismantled car. Road legal registration was obtained for UE without any problems, registered in Romania.

Challenges: No particular challenges. The engine was temporary loosen from its fixing screws and lifted a few centimeters. This way the engine support was replaced without taken out the engine. 

Workdays: 2 days 

Tuning: ZR1 front bumper, side skirts, rear air diffusers, rear wing air diffusers, wheel spacers, black rims. All parts from USA imported by us. 

Range Rover Vogue 2014 supercharged 510hp

Before: Undamaged and perfect car body. Fully functional, but the engine was boiling the coolant liquid from the radiator and a small noise could be heard from the supercharger. There were no other errors on the car, all systems working perfectly.

Repair: The problem was that the distribution chain was not changed in time, which stretched so distribution was slightly out of order. The operation to change the timing chain requires removing the engine from the car as it is behind the engine and we did this. It is a mandatory operation for any car of this model after 200-230 thousand km. The supercharger had normal wear at 230 thousand km from there the noise, it was repaired with a supercharger repair kit. The flatness of the engine block was checked and did not require rectification. The 2 cylinder heads of the V engine were rectified to have perfect flatness. New gaskets were installed everywhere and other components, water pump, etc. necessary. They also changed other plastic components from the engine, cooling and other systems with components from the newer model, following the mechanics’ recommendation, their experience saying that those can also break over time.

Challenges: Nothing, the work was carried out at a professional service specialized in the Land Rover brand and is under warranty for 12 month period.

Workdays: 3 days

Corvette C7 Stingray Z51 2018 2LT black-red

Before: Car had an accident on the rear passanger side. The automatic gearbox didn’t shift smoothly between P-R-N-D gears, having nothing to do with the accident. There were no other errors on the car, all systems working perfectly, the car being otherwise in very good condition, fairly recent year of manufacture and very few km. It also had a small crack on the windshield.

Repair: The rear passenger side corner of the trunk was repaired with fiber glass. All the affected parts were replaced with original GM parts, even the screws too: windshield, rear bumper with rear diffuser, one taillight including surrounding ornament, differential cooling radiator, passenger side rear fender, passenger side rear wheel suspension arm, rim with tire and other small items. The oil in the automatic gearbox was changed with oil according to GM, Amsoil Synthetic ATF signature series by the triple flush method. New automatic gearbox control module was installed and programmed.

Challenges: Work was done with fiberglass and synthetic resin, the rear right corner was repaired.

Workdays: 10 days

Tuning: Front bumper lip, rear air diffusers, rear wing air diffusers, side skirts, rubber mats. It was painted with a combination of black with a red stripe. All parts are imported by us from the USA.

Corvette C7 Stingray Z51 2014 3LT allblack

Before: The damage with which it came from the USA was that it had a flood of clean water 10cm above the door sill, but it was known at the time of purchase that the engine was functional. Aesthetically speaking, the car was in very good condition with the exception of some scratches on the passenger seat. Probably because we received the car with a broken window on the passenger door and there were glass pieces in the seat. There is absolutely no trace of flooding inside, no smell, no mess. Probably owned by an enthusiast, you could see that he invested a lot of money in the car and its maintenance. Tuning on the car as we bought it: carbon imitation ornaments throughout the interior of the car, black Morimoto type taillights (Aventador look), Corsa Performance sports exhaust with black tips, black Corvette logo and writing, black rims, the whole car covered with protective transparent film with self-healing function. For fans of the “allblack” style, this is a real gem.

Repair: Received at the end of July 2023, the car is still under work. We will return with details when it is ready.

Challenges: Flooded.

Workdays: Work in progress.

Tuning: It has many tuning elements, so it was bought from the USA.