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The company of the entrepreneur Farkas Alpar designated the unique importer in Romania of the LeciTrailer brand

Starting with 2020, Lecitrailer grants the right of sole importer in Romania of the semi-trailers manufactured in Spain to the Trailer Shop brand owned by the businessman Farkas Alpar. A new brand of an old company Trailer Shop belongs to Termofarc company with activity since 1994. Termofarc follow to expand its business in various domains, especially in the import of vehicles for transport, construction, agriculture and animal husbandry and other technological equipment. Lecitrailer, a well-known Spanish semi-trailer manufacturer in Europe, is the most important and large brand of semi-trailers imported by Trailer Shop. Lecitrailer owns in Europe the largest factory for painting chassis of semi-trailers with KTL technology, the most modern technology currently available for painting chassis and parts of semi-trailers. KTL technology consists of treating parts with different substances by immersing them in the tanks. Each of the 10 tanks used in the process has a capacity of 210m3 (210,000 liters). The technological line was created by internationally renowned companies each specialized in a certain technology. Each Lecitrailer component or product is painted with this technology. The maximum allowed dimensions of the parts are 14 x 2.6 x 2.8 m and 5000 kg.

The summary of the stages would be:

Degreasing – spraying with alkaline solution
Degreasing – immersion in alkaline solution
Nanotechnological conversion (10-12 nanos) – zirconium salts
KTL – deposition of epoxy primary paint (40-50 microns)
Preheat to 80ºC
Curing – oven 180º C for 40 minutes

Through this partnership Lecitrailer – Trailer Shop, the Spanish manufacturer Lecitrailer marks the beginning of its presence on the Romanian market together with a partner able to offer support and service to customers who want to use Lecitrailer semi-trailers. Trailer Shop hopes to be successful on the Romanian market, all the more so as many carriers and drivers who have worked on the Spanish market know the quality of Lecitrailer products.